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Tabee EcoServices

With an increasing number of campaigns from environmental protection enthusiasts and groups, it can be difficult to know what the options are or where to start. That's why TaBee Eco Services provides you the right tools and platform to choose sustainable lifestyle components.
What you perceive as trash can be recycled and reused.
SO, TaBee Eco Services provides a hassle-free solution to this problem with just a touch on our smartphones.
Finding recycling outlets and carrying your waste to those places can be tiring and challenging
The best part is we act as an effortless bridge between the users and our recycling partners
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Company Philosophy

TaBee Eco Services focuses on providing efficient solutions for modern society. We have dedicated ourselves to develop the best recycling platform across the globe with a strong foundation in infrastructure and supply chain. We are driven to be sustainable before helping others to overcome the hurdles faced in the process of being sustainable. Our work policies at TaBee are focused on building sustainable business practices.
Our mission is to recycle as much waste as possible to convert it into reusable output.
A wide range of eco-friendly products produced by methodical refurbishing stands apart as an environmentally responsible act.
We aim at eradicating the concept of waste by repurposing it with high-tech reprocessing techniques
We function based on the circular economy concept, which helps us restore the environment by eliminating the need to return for more.
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TaBee Eco Services has its foundation built on our commitment to society to take action towards sustainable living. We have taken this promise to care about nature to the next level personally by acquiring CA Certified Green Business Association accreditation. Our dedication towards making the planet greener motivates us to push our boundaries and serve the Earth.
Wastes from across the globe are not just materials like plastic, paper, metals, glass, and e-wastes. Every year over 35 million tons of hazardous wastes are being generated in the United States alone, of which 80% consists of chemical wastes. Improper disposal of such wastes could harm the environment as well as organisms living around such harmful habitats. We are creating new programs that address the recycling of hazardous and toxic materials under secure domains.
We are a team of like-minded professionals whose philosophy resonates with sustainable and a simplistic lifestyle. Nature has a way of bringing back diversity to heal itself, and we as residents of the Earth should have a mindful eco-conscious that fosters sustainability in the future.

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More About TaBee as a Sustainable Company and Leader

The TaBee app works similarly to a taxi service, but instead of a taxi coming to pick customers up, a truck from TaBee Eco Services Comes to take their items. [Read more]

The App

Our app was part of the cohort of the CleanTech Open West 2019 business acceleration program of Los Angeles CleanTech Incubator LACI. The TaBee app is currently in prototype mode and only has its basic features activated for the moment. Our development team is working hard to continuously improve the app to best serve our partners and customers.
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