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Wine corks recycle
Wine Corks
Wine corks are typically overlooked, with the wine bottles going into our glass recycling bins and the corks either thrown in the garbage or mistakenly tossed in the same recycling bin. Cork can be one of the world's most sustainable materials, useful for everything from clothing to building materials and more, so ensuring the stream of cork stays upcycled sustainably is critical.

We partner with ReCORK to make doing so easy for you.
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Every time we throw the trash into a recycling bin, we hope it'll be recycled, reused, or disposed of properly by the responsible department. But as we focus on recycling simple products with complex integrity like worn sneakers or skateboarding wheels, we understand that all materials demand to be sorted to produce the full potential of recycling.
When we put all the "recyclable" mixed waste into the bin and simply 'hope' it'll be treated properly (a concerning and growing trend known as wishcycling)
It is a profitless challenge for waste management organizations, forcing them to choose landfills to discard waste that ends up polluting the environment.
We are also working to expand our recycling programs.

Fighting Wishcycling

TaBee Eco Services have decided to make this easier for both the consumer and our recycling partners, with a wide range of services available to spread awareness for a mindful bifurcation of necessary waste.
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