TaBee Eco Services
Recycling starts at home
TaBee Eco Services
Recycling starts at home
Every day we take resources from nature without giving anything in return. In fact, what we do return is trash that could otherwise be recycled and reused multiple times thereby reducing our damaging impact on the environment.
TaBee Eco Services, wants to solve this problem as efficiently as possible, from cost to collection.
The TaBee app works similarly to a taxi service , but instead of a taxi coming to pick customers up, a truck from TaBee Eco Services comes to take their items.
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Collected materials
This includes pieces of fabric, unwanted clothing, towels, bedding, curtains, leather goods (excluding shoes), etc. The collected textiles are sent to a Marimole textile recycling company to be processed into new fabric. We collect textile items containing up to 5% of Spandex, made of Natural Fibers (cotton, leather and wool) or Synthetic Fibers (polyester, nylon, tencel, polyamide, elastane and polyester/cotton blends)
We are also working to expand our recycling programs. For more information, please follow the link.
The TaBee app
was part of the cohort of the CleanTech Open West 2019 business acceleration program of Los Angeles CleanTech Incubator LACI.The TaBee app is currently in prototype mode and only has its basic features activated for the moment. Our development team is working hard to continuously improve the app to best serve our partners and customers.
Featured partners
The list of partners is growing. We hope to see your company join us soon
Do you still have questions? Don't worry, we have answers for you!
How much does an individual pickup request cost?
Customers will be able to see the price for their requested pickup after they select the service they want and enter their pickup address, before submitting the request.
Who is the TaBee app made for?
The TaBee app is made for anyone who wants to recycle and to have a more positive impact on our planet and our environment.
When can customers expect TaBee Eco Services to come for a pickup?
The TaBee app will set a time which should work for both our customers and partners.
Is the payment system used by TaBee app safe for credit cards?
The TaBee app uses the most popular and reliable online payment software STRIPE.
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