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Biolocator SEZUAL
The mission of our new partner, SEZUAL, is to bring technology to the visually impaired and blind people:
🔹 for integration into society;
🔹 gaining self-confidence through training;
🔹 to provide more opportunities to participate in social, family, and community life.

Biolocator SEZUAL is an assistive device for blind and visually impaired people to fully navigate in open space without external assistance.

The device emits a specific high-pulse click, reflecting back from the surrounding objects to provide information on their shape, material, and distance to them. A returning echo activates the visual processing area in the brain of a trained echo locator. The technique is similar to what bats and dolphins use. A vision based on active sound biolocation creates high-quality visual images in the brain of a blind person.
The list of partners is constantly evolving. As an ever-growing organization, we aim to expand our network beyond borders.
Being part of a global community of sustainability-oriented businesses, we are constantly partnering with companies to curate innovative waste recycling solutions.
If your company can bring us closer to our goal, we invite you to collaborate with us. We hope to see your company join us soon for a more circular, sustainable, and bright future!
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